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Hot Candy

Hot Candy...for those who are dedicated to the HOT way of life, or those who just want to play a joke on those around them! Some of our hot candies include Ass Kickin' Jelly Beans and Dollies Salt Water Taffies with Hot Sauce!

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  1. Ass Kickin Jelly Beans With Habaero Pepper - 10 ounce jar


    Market Price $7.99

    Our Low Price $6.99

    Special Price for 3 Jars $17.97 - Save $6.00 Jar Price $5.99

    Fantastic Price for 12 Jars $59.88 - Save $36.00 Jar Price $4.99

    Ass Kickin' Jelly Beans - These are Habaero Pepper jelly beans! Kick Yo' Ass Hot! Put on your desk or coffee table and watch as people regret touching your candy!!! Perfect pairing of sweet and spicy snack!!!

    Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup & Habaero peppers.

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  2. Atomic Fireball Cinnamon Flavored Candy - 4 lbs container




    Market Price $24.99

    Our Low Price $19.99

    SAVE $5.00

    Atomic Fireball Cinnamon Flavored Candy - Gluten free and fat free. Fire-eaters beware. Atomic Fireballs are the original super intense cinnamon candy! The taste that revolutionized the industry. Fire caught on fast! Atomic Fireballs Candy provides an explosive experience that will bring you back for more. 15 million of these spicy gems are consumed every week around the world. Kids dare each other to eat them one after another after another. How much hot can you handle

    • Gluten free and fat free cinnamon jawbreakers that ignite your mouth with fiery cinnamon flavor
    • Invented in 1954, the famous Atomic Fireball is the original how-much-red-hot-flavor-can-you-handle candy
    • 240 individually wrapped candies that will really get you sweating!
    • Perfect size to satisfy your occasional fire-eating tendencies
    • An explosive experience that will bring you back for more!
    Ingredients Sucrose, Contains Less Than 2% Of The Following: Food Starch-Modified (Corn), Artificial Flavor, Carnauba Wax, Acacia Gum Arabic, Titanium Dioxide, Color (Red 40 Lake)


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  3. Tabasco Brand Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges - 8 peice - 1.75 ounce tin




    Market Price $7.99

    Our Low Price $6.99

    Special Price for 3 Tins $17.97 - Save $6.00 Tin Price $5.99

    Fantastic Price for 12 Tins $59.88 - Save $36.00 Tin Price $4.99

    Tabasco Brand Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges - Experience the perfect blend of the rich, velvety goodness of dark chocolate and the spicy kick of Tabasco …even the most die hard Tabasco lovers will not be disappointed. The delayed heat sensation takes most tasters by surprise, making for a great conversation starter or party prop. Fun to chop up and add to cookies, brownies and over ice cream!!!

    From California

    Ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla & Tabasco brand dry red flavoring.

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  • Chip Hearn's hot-sauce empire peddles some 3,000 mixtures of bottled heat. More amazing is that he's sample nearly all of them.

    The Boston Globe
  • Chip Hearn of Peppers, a retail store and hot sauce museum in Rehoboth Beach, DE, which carries 2,000 hot sauce brands.

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  • Chip globe-trots in search of new hot sauces ... thus giving him the largest collection in the world according to Chili Pepper Magazine.

    The Washington Post
  • For lovers of hot sauce, this place is heaven.

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  • We've been talking about them all week long. Today's the day we're ready to cook with hot sauce. We've got Chip Hearn here...

  • Where you can buy any hot sauce made by man.

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  • One of the best 202 things about the South. You don't have to bask in the sun to get some heat on Rehoboth Beach this summer. Just step...

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  • First-prize winner at the Fiery Foods Show was Peppers' Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion.

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  • Chip Hearn is a hothead. Because everyone has a different threshold for heat, Hearn uses his entire management staff as tasters.

    The Tampa Tribune
  • Probably the most unique store in this part of the country.

  • Chip has also created a museum of hot sauces ... If you want to have a hot time in Dewey Beach, Delaware.